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Specialists in products for the following high voltage applications:


Mass Spectrometry, Diffraction / Fluoroscopy, SEM, STM, TEM, Neutron Generators, Photomultiplier tubes (PMT), Electro-optic Modulation

Defense and Aerospace

Radar, CRT, Simulators, Heads-Up Displays, TWT

Homeland Security

Explosive Detection Systems (EDS), Explosive Trace Detection (ETD), Baggage Inspection, X-Ray Inspection

Inspection & NDT

X-Ray, PC Board, Food, Structural, Semiconductor, Cable Testing, ESD control, level sensing, Weld Inspection, Aircraft Inspection

Manufacturing Processes

E-Beam Welding, E-Beam Machining, E-Beam Evaporation, E-Beam Plasma Immersion, Glow Discharge, Sterilization, Electrostatic Coatings, Thickness Gages, Lenses, Vacuum Gages, Container Cap Sealing, Induction Heating, Forging, Hardening, Crystal Pulling, Capacitor Charging, Photoreceptor Corona Charging, Material Poling

Medical & Biotechnology

X-Ray, Radiography, Densitometers, Radiation Oncology, CT, MRI, PET, Blood Analysis, Electrophoresis, Nuclear Medicine Detectors


Laser, Capacitor Charging, TWT, Piezoelectrics, Flash Lamps, Sonar


Detectors, Accelerators, Nuclear Instrumentation, Ion Source Biasing, Dielectric Studies, Electrophotography, Electrorheological Fluid Studies

Semiconductor Equipment

Ion Implantation, E-Chucks, Sputtering, Epitaxy, Induction Heating, Mask Repair, E-Beam Lithography, Deposition, Electrostatic Deflection, Plasma Diffusion, Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition, Plasma Polymerization, Plasma Etching, Atomic Layer Deposition, Silicon Germination Epitaxy


High Voltage Power Supplies, RF Generators and Matching Networks, MF Generators, Test Systems, Transmitters, Klystrons, High Voltage Amplifiers

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