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High Voltage Connectors

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Single Pin High Voltage Connectors

The two main product families are Series S and Series 100. Operating voltages range from 10kV to 60kV. Both shielded and unshielded wire can be accomodated.

Multi Pin High Voltage Connectors

Series M and the newer series MC are rugged, particularly well-made connectors. Both shielded and unshielded wire can be accomodated.

The series MC are available from 2 to 5 contacts, with voltage ratings of 10-20kV. The somewhat larger series M connectors are available in 2 to 9 contacts, and are rated at 15kV.

See also the modular connectors, below, for a connectors with more contacts that can also include low voltage connections.

Low Cost Single and Multi-pin Variable High Voltage Connectors

The VarioPro HV connectors come in 1, 2 and 3 pin versions..

Modular High Voltage Connectors

This a particularly versitile connector family. The connector consists of a frame and individual modules. The frame comes in sizes to accomodate 3, 5 and 7 modules. Each module can be a single HV connector, a dual HV connector, mult-pin low volage connector (and by low voltage, we mean up to 630V), RJ45, or pneumatic or SC type fiber optic connector.

High Voltage, High Current Connectors

All the above connectors are rated to carry quite a bit of current. Depending on the series, current ratings range up to 30A

High Voltage Wire and Cable

We carry a wide variety of high voltae wire and cable, both shielded and unshielded. The easiest way is to request a quote. Of course we would be happy to receive a phone call from you to help select the best wire for your application. Be sure to include any preferences you have regarding wire insulation type and characteristics, such as diameter, bend radius, etc.

HV Connector Distributor

In the U.S., please contact us or request a quote. We can also provide application and selection assistance.

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