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High Voltage Relays

High Voltage Solid State Relays

These relays from Behlke utilize semiconductors as high voltge switching elements, and have true relay characteristics, except for excellent characteristics of being faster and eliminating bounce. There are SPST and SPDT configurations available. The ratings of these high speed relays range from 500V to 120 kV, with rise times as fast as 1 ns. Currents range from microamps to amps to kiloamps.

High Voltage Vacuum Relays

The design of high voltage relays differ from their low voltge conterparts by immersing teh switching contacts in a vacuum or an insulating gas. Design techniques minimize arcing during switching and ensure long life. We can assist in the selection of a high voltage relay for your application. Please request a quote if you have application for one of these.

High Voltage Reed Relays

Reed relays are well suited to high voltage applications. Models are available up to 15kV. These are generally the lowest cost option. The most common high voltage reed relay is the SPST-NO. If a SPST-NC configuration is desired, these reed relays often contain a magnetic bias to close the contacts when no power is applied to the coils. Rarely found is the SPDT configuration. If this is needed, one approach is to take two indivisual SPST relays and configure the coil driver circuit to oftain SPDT action. Care mus be taken to ensure that the indivisual contacts do not conduct simultaneously. Reed switches are also available, where an external coil can be wound around the switch. This is useful in unusual applications. We can assist in the selection of a reed relay for your application.

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